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Kaufberatung f├╝r Boote

Buying Advice

for Sailboats and Motorboats

If you intend to purchase a boat or a yacht, whether new or used, we are happy to offer our expertise as competent advisors. Especially when it comes to used vessels from private sellers, determining the actual value is essential. Depending on the condition of the yacht or boat, various factors are inspected, tested, or otherwise verified. From visual inspections to acoustic testing such as tapping, video endoscopy and ultrasound for material thickness measurement, dye penetration testing to detect cracks, as well as wave impact measurements and many other examinations, the object of your interest will be thoroughly assessed by us. Even if a ship has a very high value, it does not necessarily mean that the seller's price expectation can be realistically enforced in the market. Furthermore, the condition of the ship in general, its equipment, and the functionality of its devices are relevant for determining its value. A glance at the boat price guide alone provides estimates of the yacht's value. If we discover minor, repairable damages, the effort required for the buyer may be minimal. Nevertheless, such deficiencies can significantly reduce the purchase price. As you can see, before making a final decision to buy a boat or a yacht, it is advisable to consult an expert. This is the only way to ensure that you are protected from any unpleasant surprises. The same assessments are also carried out if you want to sell your ship.

Kaufberatung f├╝r Boote

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I rely on personal consultation that provides you with informative insights into buying a boat, right from the initial conversation

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Zustandsgutachten Segelboot

Construction and Repair Supervision

If you are considering an extensive overhaul of your boat or yacht in the shipyard, it is essential to document each construction phase accurately. This step is critical to ensure that every repair and refit task is performed as per the requirements and the standards set by the yacht owner. It also helps to keep track of the work progress and to estimate the completion time.

Years of experience in boat building enable optimal control of repair work and the development of suitable work processes for yacht refits. A shipyard professional who has been in the industry for an extended period will have a more comprehensive understanding of the unique needs of each vessel and the best practices to undertake the overhaul process.

Moreover, documenting each construction phase enables an accurate evaluation of the work that has been completed and ensures that everything is up to the agreed-upon standards before moving on to the next phase of the project. This process helps to prevent issues from arising later, which can be costly and time-consuming to fix.

In conclusion, if you are planning to have your boat or yacht extensively overhauled, ensure that each construction phase is accurately documented. This approach will help you to maintain quality control, estimate completion times, and avoid future issues.

Are you interested in repair supervision?

Depending on your requirements, I can accompany the construction or repair process in the shipyard for you.

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Reparatur├╝berwachung f├╝r Boote
Werftabnahme f├╝r Boote

Dockyard acceptance of sports boats after repairs, new construction, or refits.

Boat owners often have their vessels repaired, rebuilt or refitted in shipyards. After the work is completed, it is crucial to have the boat inspected by a qualified expert to ensure it meets all safety and performance standards. This is where a marine surveyor comes in to perform a comprehensive assessment of the vessel.

The marine surveyor will examine the boat's structure, machinery, electrical systems, and equipment to ensure they meet the manufacturer's specifications and industry standards. They will also check that the boat complies with relevant regulations, such as those set by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC), the International Maritime Organization (IMO) or European Recreational Craft Directive (CE).

If the surveyor identifies any deficiencies, they will provide a detailed report outlining the issues and recommendations for corrective action. The boat owner can then provide the report to the shipyard to rectify the problems before the vessel is launched or handed over to the owner.

By having a marine surveyor conduct a thorough inspection of a boat after repairs, new builds or refits, boat owners can be confident that their vessel is safe, seaworthy, and meets all relevant regulations and standards.

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